Mar 18, 2017

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Why I Like My New Position as "Human Guinea Pig"?

Why I Like My New Position as "Human Guinea Pig"?

It brings changes in my life.

It helps to flow new blood in same body.

It drives some of my worst fears away.

It creates a BETTER ME than the one I was the day before.

To write in much bolder tone: It allows me to break the rules of society, find my limits and lead to the path of self discovery.


Last year in May, I decided to take a new job and rent a small single room away from the city. At that time, I had extra weight. I was somewhat unfit, irritated most of the time. It was not all romantic. With my new solitary lifestyle, after couple of months, I came out physically fit and with better mindset.

But by November, all became routine again. Life was not that interesting, just moving on. Every now and then, pessimism started to knock the mental door. I knew where I was heading: committing spiritual suicide, once again.


I knew I had to make changes. Just wasn’t sure enough if the changes would last long.

So, I came up with this idea: decide and stay committed to certain changes for few months.

After few months of testing the changes, they are my rituals now. Without them, I will not be dead, but definitely beaten down.

1) Intermittent Fasting

November last year, I read an article written by Loic Le Meur: he was fasting to prevent cancer and be healthier.

I knew I got to try it. Didn’t know what goal it could accomplish. All I knew it could bring change.

So I stopped having lunches in weekends and only drank a lot of water. First 3-4 weekends, it was hard, my stomach growled. Thought I would die. But I kept my hands away from food. Sometimes I just went out for a walk, so that I wouldn’t have any food in my sight.

Within a month, I got rid of 4 Kg in weight. Only by skipping weekends’ lunches!

I felt lighter, more energetic. I ate and enjoyed dinner like never before.

I am keeping this habit.

Many thousands years ago, our ancestors didn’t always have food to eat. They ate when they gathered. They didn’t die, but they survived and eventually succeeded.


2) Waking up as early as possible in the morning

Rumi, the famous Persian poet from 13th century, once said:

“Morning breeze has secrets to tell us. Don’t go back to sleep.”

I can’t sleep after 3:15 a.m. anymore. My mental alarm automatically starts ringing.

I used to ignore.

Now I wake up with possibilities, to better myself today. Like having a blank white sheet and color pencils in front of me.

It’s amazing, how much stuffs can be done in just 1-2 hrs. Catching up with mails, listening to some motivational audio programs, exercising, write a post, be with myself for a moment...just to name a few.

I still have full day ahead to do more stuffs.


3) Taking cold shower early in the morning

Last year in December, I was taking a hot shower. It felt so comfortable that I felt sleepy again.

I wanted to get out that comfort zone. I turned off the hot water and started to take cold shower.

The spray of cold water hit me like needles. I choked. Thought I would die in shower. I hated it.

But I continued...slowly increasing the time to take cold shower.

After couple of months, now I am less vulnerable to cold and feel much fresh throughout the day.


These tests are working for me. I am getting better every week, in my body, in my mind. Without them, my survival is at stakes.


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