Feb 10, 2016

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This is a guest post from Trinetra Dam, a freelance article writer and Ghostwriter.

Since you have found this post, you must have searched for tips to find right blogging niche. You have decided to start your own blog, but not sure what to write about.

Don't panic! I got you covered on how to find blogging niche with this post.

Advantages of Niche Blogging

If you know the advantages of niche blogs compared to general blogs, I won’t go deep into that. However, if you are new to blogging, I suggest you to read couple of comprehensive articles published in well known blogging sites, such as ProBlogger and ShoutMeLoud, about the advantages of niche blogging:

No matter whether you are writing for business purpose or just to share your thoughts with others, you need to interest your readers to read your posts till the end. And for that, you need to choose your niche very carefully. I personally feel, deciding the niche is much more challenging task than writing attractive articles and promoting a blog. Once you find the right niche, other things run quite smoothly.

Saying this, I am going to answer your basic question: Which niche is just the right for your blog?

How to find your ideal blogging niche

To find that out that ideal niche of your blog, you should consider following aspects.

1. Your areas of interests

Blogging is not paid writing like ghostwriting. Unless you are particularly interested in the topic and motivated to share your ideas with your readers, it is difficult to keep the momentum going. Therefore, you should first consider your areas of interests. These can be your hobbies like cooking or photography or something you really care about like animal protection. If there are too many, just write them down and try to figure out 2 to 3 strong interests.

2. Your areas of expertise

Alternatively, you can write to explain something in which you are really good. People often search for tutorials, guidelines and tips. If you have deep knowledge in a particular discipline, there is no harm in making it your blogging niche.

For example, an experienced investor, who have seen market ups and downs for years and have gained expertise in surviving them, can easily think of starting a blog on investment tips.

3. Spread of the niche

Next, you have to decide how wide or narrow your niche is going to be. If you decide to start a blog on general health-related issues, it is difficult for you to find a stand. Health is a broad area with uncountable sub-topics like men’s health, women’s health, natural health supplements, weight loss and many more. The Internet is flooded with blogs on such topics. Your blog is less likely to be indexed by search engines.

On the other hand, if you narrow down the niche to be “Alternative medicine”, your chance of getting found is more. People interested in alternative medicine are expected to visit your blog if you provide quality content constantly.

But don’t limit the niche too much to make it like “alternative medicine to treat pain”. Otherwise, only those suffering from pain will read your posts and you will soon run out of topics to write posts.

4. Degree of saturation

No matter what your niche is, thousands of blogs are already present. But that doesn’t mean that the niche is saturated and there isn’t much scope left.

Different bloggers explore a niche from different points of view. But still, certain aspects may remain unnoticed. If your niche also has such gaps, it is your time to enter the picture.

Take the example of Home Decor niche. Initially, it appears that the niche is almost saturated since uncountable blogs are present, talking about home decoration ideas. But how many blogs you have come across that deal with sustainability side of home decoration? Very few. So, you see there is a gap and this is also the scope for a new blogger to start his/her blog.

I personally feel, no niche is really saturated. You just need to find subjects on which nothing or very less has been written about, yet there is a

5. Your contribution to the niche

By now you should have found your blogging niche. Just do one last check. Ask yourself followings:
  • Can you think of unique topics to keep on writing for an indefinite time?
  • Can you answer some questions that have always remained unanswered?
  • What value you will be adding to the niche?

If you have found a satisfactory answer to all these questions, there are no doubts that you have found perfect niche for your blog.


The bottom line is: Choose a niche in which you really enjoy writing. This will reflect in your writing and readers will be able to sense that. This is the key to successful blogging.

About the Author:

Trinetra Dam is a freelance article writer and ghostwriter, who is enthusiastic about writing creative and engaging articles with SEO in focus. She writes blog posts, press releases, product descriptions and reviews, rewriting and also academic writing through freelancing platforms, like Freelancer and Upwork. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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