Aug 6, 2015

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Blogging is becoming more and more popular. According to online statistics portal, Statistica, from 2006 till 2011, total number of blogs increased from 36 million to 173 million.

Based on reports from February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr blogs and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide. Another famous blogging platform Blogger does not provide any public statistics, however.

If your blog is in the statistics or let's say you plan to launch a blog, can you define clearly the purpose of your blog? Or let me ask you: why you blog?


If you want to create a blog, you need to know why you want to do it. Like many action driven tasks, a blog without purpose is not only hard to attain success but also purposeless blogging will end up spending time and money.

What will happen if you do not find any purpose for your blog?

Before you learn the importance of having a blog purpose defined, I will point few disadvantages if you do not clearly define your blog purpose.

1. Without a purpose is like to move blindly without a direction. Without a proper direction to go, your blog will be wandering over the internet and your blog will never reach the destination (the soul purpose of your blogging).

2. As your blog doesn’t have any purpose, it doesn’t have any goal to achieve. A blog without any goal is hard to get focused.

3. Without a purpose/goal, you will not be passionate/serious about your blog. The quality of your blog will suffer. And we all know what happens with low quality stuff. Soon there will be no more followers, no more readers, no more search engine ranking.

4. As you will not be motivated from a blog which doesn’t have any purpose, content of your blog will be on too many diversified topics. Your blog will not get loyal followers/readers.

5. If you will not have any purpose for your blog, you will soon be “following”/”copying” other successful blogs. This way you will lose your own identity, your own voice.

Why do you need purpose for your blog?

Steve Pavlina, the famous self-help author and motivational speaker, has an excellent article on why does purpose really matter.

Another famous blog, Copyblogger has explained why you need purposeful blogging.

Like many action driven tasks, to get successful (or even make less mistake), blogging purpose should be well defined.

Here are few reasons:

1. Purposeful blogging creates impact

By understanding the purpose of your blog, you can create a long lasting impact on your visitors. A properly defined blog purpose holds the narrative of a blog, it's journey, which helps visitors/readers to have better understanding how they can find the blog interesting and important to them.

For example, Lifehack and Lifehackers are the two leading lifestyle blogs in the world, which are dedicated to improve your lifestyles. They provide useful guides, tips and tricks on how to get things done efficiently and effectively.

2. Purposeful blogging creates a culture and curates a community

With a clearly defined purpose for your blog, blog visitors/readers will be able to connect their goal/purpose with your blog. Your blog actually creates a type of culture that makes readers to stay in the blog longer time, take part into discussion and provide more insight.

Take example of LiveJournal. It provides the experience of both blogging and social networking. This unique purpose and feature gained this site as the most popular blog in Russia and among the Russian-speaking diaspora abroad.

3. Purposeful blogging connects people

A well-defined purposeful blogging shines through your blog contents. You can’t fake it. Your readers will know it, they will feel the honesty, emotion that you will put into your blog. You will be able to meet with your readers somewhat to personal level, with their emotions. This relationship will build up trust and your blog readers will reward you with their engagement into your blog posts, by commenting, sharing with their circles. All these will lead your blog towards a successful one.

4. Purposeful blogging provides confidence

Let’s say you want to sell to your blog readers your own products or products via affiliate links from your blog. Do you think you write off just anything what you know about the product and make lot of sales?

No, it will not happen. Only way to convert visitors to readers to buyers, is being extremely passionate about what you are writing. And the only way to do that is from purposeful writing. That way your blog readers will start believing about the product you are promoting or recommending.

How to define purpose of your blog?

If you have come this far, you are aware about advantages of purposeful blogging. In this section I am going to guide you through the process on how to define your blog purpose.
Define blog purpose is not a rocket science, but you need to find them with enough clarity to get best result.

1. Make a list of your interesting topics

Ask yourself following questions:

- What are you interested about?

- What are you passionate about?

- What are your favorite hobbies?

- What are the skills set you have which you have a lot of experience?

Answers of them will be used to define the purpose of your blog.

Take a pen and piece of paper. Write down all the answers that come into your mind as part of the above questions. Write them all, every of them. Don’t be fearful and don’t worry about detailing at this point.

The idea is really to list all those awesome stuffs you love or have skills to do.


You may have strong interest on Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marketing, making passive income from online.

Or, you may have excellent writing skills which can attract readers.

2. Highlight only those points on which you can write a blog

In previous step you make a long list of all the things you are interested and passionate about or have skills or experience.

In this step, highlight only those about which you can write a blog. Mark them well.

The sole purpose of this step is to find subset of your passions/interests/skills to write blog about.

Don’t panic and don’t take it as life and death scenario. Instead think of it as a little searching game!


You love photography and outdoor activities. However, at this moment you can only think of a blog about photography.

3. Organize your To-Be blog subjects

You have selected few outstanding points to blog about. Now organize them. Use category to organize similar subjects.


For example, if you want to blog about "Internet Marketing", "Affiliate Marketing", "E-commerce" or "Web Design", use “Internet and Business Online” as the category.

4. Think about topics for the categories to blog about

By this point, you have got a handful categories to blog about.

Now it's time to think about contents/topics (number of blog posts) you can create for each specific category.

Take note of number of topics you can create per category. If there is a category for which you will have lots of topic ideas, it will be easy for you to create blog posts over long time in contrast to less number of topics.

If you are a new blogger, my suggestion is to start with most confident category with most number of topic ideas.

5. Finally, make a short summary of your blog category

If you have gone through above 4 points, you should have at least 1 blog category to start the blogging journey.

Summarize it with 1-2 sentences. Keep 'em small and simple. These will be your blog's tagline or description. These will help describing your blog to your visitors or readers quickly.


As I have decided to create blog about SEO, Making money online and providing tips and tricks on Blogging, I opted for the tagline: "Providing guides on Blogging, SEO and making money online".


Defining purpose of your blog is like setting up a goal. You will be more focused on your blog. Your contents will be more focused, have strong impact on your blog readers. With a clear purpose, you will be able to create and curate a strong community of your blog readers. With well-thought-out blog purpose, you will make your voice heard over internet.

If you want to be a successful blogger, defining blog purpose is the foremost blogging strategy.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?How have you defined them? Let me know in the comments below.


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