Jun 29, 2015

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Time To Read: 5 - 6 minutes.

What You Will Learn: After you read this post, you will learn:
  • Why category is needed afterall.
  • What is Label in blogger and what its function.
  • How to categorize blog posts to give your blog more professional and visitor friendly look.

Undoubtedly in many aspects of our lives (if not all), the more we can organize, the better we can perform.

This holds true also in blogging.

The main goal to organize (blog) site is to allow visitors or readers navigate and find posts of their interests without any difficulties. One sure fire way to lose your visitors is to have unorganized posts which they cannot find after they have come to your site.

So, either you are a professional or a beginner blogger, my recommendation is to rethink on how you will organize your new Google Blogger blog. If it is an existing Blogger blog, reorganize this.

And easiest way to think of organize blog posts? Organize by post category. For example, you have written many posts on how-to topics on blogging, search engine optimization (SEO). If you categorize those posts with “SEO” or “Blog Tips”, visitors will have easy time to find them under mentioned categories.

I am here to show you 2 easiest yet most effective ways on how to organize your Blogger blog by categories to give it more professional and quality look.

But at first, few words on ....

How Blogger Manages Categories

How To Add Categories in Blogspot Blogger Blog
Different blogging platforms use different way of organizing posts. In TypePad or WordPress, posts are directly organized by Categories. In Blogger, those are organized by "Labels". Labels are very similar to "Tags" on other blogging platforms. These are actually keywords which are linked to pages that show related blog posts. Labels help visitors to pick posts easily that they are looking after.

Labels are not used for SEO purpose, but only for humans for better browsing experience. So use Labels effectively instead of bombing huge number of labels per posts.

So to categorize your blog posts:
  • At first you need to define categories within your posts.
  • Then apply method 1 or 2 in this post to categorize your blog posts.

How To Add Labels To Blogger Posts

When you create a new post in your blogger blog, there is a place where you can put categories for your post. It is called Labels in Post settings(encircled in the photo). There you type up to 3 to 4 comma separated words. Press "Done" when you are finished. Next time, if you want to associate same category, you can find it in that Label box already existing.

For example, here I have put Blog tips and blogging in the Labels setting for this post. 

All categories in post in blogger

How To Categorize Blogger Posts

It is possible to categorize posts either using Label Gadget or HTML script.

Method 1: Label Gadget in Blogger

A Label gadget will allow you to organize and display your posts on a sidebar.

  • Log in your blogger account.
  • Navigate to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Go to "Layout".

    Add Labels To Categorize Blogger Posts

  • Select "Add a gadget" from any of the sidebars
  •  That will open blog gadget window. Browse for "Label" and then click the + sign on its right (marked by 1 and 2 respectively).
    Add label gadget in blogspot blog
  • This will bring up the Label gadget window with default options.
    Label gadget window
  • Type Categories in Title box (removing default title Labels).
  • At this point, you can do more customization if you want.
    1. You can opt for either show all labels or selected labels. If you choose "Selected Labels" option, a box will appear from where you can select the Labels which you only want to show.
    2. Sort either alphabetically or how often that label appears in posts.
    3. Display the labels as list or cloud. 
    4. Choose to "Show number of posts per label" to display number of posts for each label.
  • Press "Save" once you are happy with the customization.
  • Below is how the gadget will show up in blog. I changed title from Labels to Categories, selected to show all labels alphabetically and in cloud display with number of posts per label.

Method 2: Category with HTML script

Don't panic! It is very easy to implement if you follow the workflow mentioned below:
  • Log in to your blogger account and navigate to your blogger blog.
  • Go to Layout option.
  • Select "Add a gadget" from a sidebar.
  • Look for "HTML/Java Script" and click on + sign.
  • This will bring up "Configure HTML/JavaScript" window.
  • Type in "Categories" in Title box.
  • Locate the Labels you made for a post by checking into Labels under Post settings in right side of any post in your blogger blog. For example, in this post I have labels: "Blog tips", "Setup your blog".
  • Construct URL for the labels. It should be in following format:
    Replace YOURBLOGWEBADDRESS with your website/blog web address.
    Replace YOURLABEL with labels assigned in the post. If a label consists of multiple words, use %20 in between words in the URL.

    CAUTION: Labels are case sensitive, so make sure you enter correct letter case.

    For example, URL of my label "Blog tips" will be: http://www.joydeepdam.com/search/label/Blog%20tips
    (DON'T CLICK on this LINK, this is for example purpose only)
  • Write the code from Content box below. Replace yoursiteaddress and yourlabel as applicable for your site and label name.
    HTML code to introduce category in blogger blog.jpg
  • "Save" the gadget. Now "Categories" will appear in your sidebar of your blog. You can add as many as URLs in the HTML script gadget you like to enlist all the labels.

An Important Final Note

So above are the 2 methods to implement Category in your blog. And both of them are easy to implement. 

The thing is, to give your blog/site a professional look and make visitor friendly, I will highly recommend to categorize your blog posts. The most important part in categorizing your blog posts, is to keep your visitor in your site, as it will be easier for them to navigate and find their choice of posts.

Let me know how things go with you to categorize your posts. And if you face any problem, don't hesitate to drop a comment below. I would be happy to assist you.


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