Jun 15, 2015

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Time to read this post: Approx. 3 - 4 minutes.

After reading this post you should be able to identify if you want to be a better blogger or want to earn money online why you would need to have a domain name.

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I kept asking myself this question for 3 years and at last bought my own domain just a week ago.

When I bought my 1st Desktop PC on 2001, I would think that domain names are meant for celebrities or for businesses. You may think that if you do not have your own business then why should you be bothered buying a domain for yourself. I tell you 10 reasons:

1. A domain name will make your website address more memorable

If I ask you which one of the followings are easier to remember as well as type:
www.joydeepdam.blogspot.com or www.joydeepdam.com
Without a doubt it would be latter one as it is easier (and shorter) to remember and type. You buy a domain name which makes your website address more memorable. With your own domain name you will set yourself apart from other crowd.

Some of the well known top level domains that you shuld think of buying your unique domain 

2. Credibility and professionalism

With your own domain name, you make your website not only credible but professional. Your site visitor will know that you have commitment to it and you will intend to stay here on online. And they will believe and spend on your site more than any randomly free hosted site.

3. Flexibility with your own domain

With your own domain name, you are flexible to choose your web hosting service. You can even use free hosts to host your site such as Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress. This means you will host your site completely free while keeping the professionalism by using own domain name.

4. Keep authority and web traffic

With your own domain name, you can move your website to other platforms while keeping the authority and traffic. For example, if you have built an audience in your web address : www.yourname.blogspot.com, when you want to move out to www.yourname.wordpress.com, you lose your traffic from 1st address and start a new.

With your own domain name, you can keep the audience even if you are changing hosting platform, as your website URL will be always the domain name.

5. Owning your own content

If you produce content to your blog hosted on a free site, you are on mercy of the host. If the host shuts your blog, you lose content as well as the audience you have worked so hard to build. With your own domain name together with your own web hosting, you will be BOSS of your site, without any fear of losing the contents and audience.

6. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Undoubtedly, your own and unique domain name increases the much needed search engine footprint for your site. Search engines credits main domain name. Therefore if your site address is www.you.tumblr.com, the search engines will see your blog as a smaller part of a larger website and rank Tumblr, instead of your blog.

With your very own domain name, you allow search engines to see your website as an independent site, which eventually lends it also more authority. Therefore your independent site will rank higher online than the the blog that has main domain, for example, in Tumblr.

7. Brand yourself with your own domain name

If you want to showcase your personal work, owning your very domain is most sensible way. For example, if you are an architect, designer, journalists, writer, photographer or anyone who wants to show potential employers your work, your very own domain will act like an online business card. With it, you brand yourself as you like and giving chance to others to see your work. This also adds professionalism.

8. You can earn money too!

Neither you wouldn't make money overnight after you bought your own domain, nor if you are willing not to make money out of your domain name. However, you never know what holds in future that you may need that paper stuff. With your own domain name (and possibly with your own brand), you will have much needed credibility and professionalism from potential employers or advertisers.

9. Buy your domain before somebody else gets it

And once somebody else buys your domain name, it will be no longer available to you to buy. Then the person either makes the domain name way more popular or way more worse. But unfortunately you can not do anything. So act, before somebody else buys your domain name. You may not need it now even if you bought it, but you never know what future hold. And with the price for a domain, you shouldn't have any excuse not to own one.

10. A unique domain name will cost you less than 3 lattes in Starbucks

With popular top level domains, such as .com, .co, can be registered as low as 11 Us-dollar per year basis using well known domain registrar, such as Namecheap, from where I got my domain. On top of this low fee, I am also getting very good support and couple of problems has been solved by their support team very quickly.


I will highly recommend you to buy your own unique domain and can tell you, this 11$ would be one of the awesome investments that you ever do.

If you have bought new domain, what are the reasons you may think leads you to do that? Comment below if you like to share that.


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