Sep 11, 2012

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In my last post, Do You Need Website To Be Highly Successful Affiliate, I've covered the million dollar question about having own website for successful affiliate marketing, like advantages of your own website as an affiliate, how to get your site off the ground. But once you've got a website, you actually have to put something on it! That's where some good old fashioned copy writing comes in.

Some people love writing, some people hate it. But pretty much everyone can do it! So whether you were head of your class in creative writing, or dreaded going to English class, you can teach yourself how to be a great web writer.

Why we need article writing

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So you've your blog or website launched and you think that's it! Everyone will find you via search engine and you will earn truck loads of money. 

Wake up people! First and foremost in affiliate marketing, write something about the stuffs you wanna promote. It's very difficult to set up a website that just promotes another product or site without actually offering anything unique. A big reason for this is search engines -like Google - love new and unique content, and lots of it!

But aside from just search engines, you have to think about the people coming to your site. It's unlikely they're going to come to your site looking for a link to another site.

If they want to find a product, they can Google it. Instead, they are looking for something of added value. So what do I mean by added value? Added value is anything that gives the user something extra in return for visiting your site - whether it be information, products or even just reassurance that they're making the right decision. Added value content could be an article that reviews a product, gives the pros and cons (hopefully not too many of those!), or is a comparison between the same line of products.

How to become highly successful article writer

The biggest part of becoming a successful writer on the web though is practice, practice, practice! Don't expect your first work to be Shakespeare - but the more you do it, the easier it will become and the more successful you will be at it.


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