Aug 17, 2012

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Common Misconceptions about Affiliate Marketing

Many people join Affiliate Marketing thinking that it is a quick rich scheme. They quickly find that it isn’t and move to next Get Rich Quick schemes. I am sorry fellows, but you really have to work for your money. Another common misconceptions I have seen people have is, they will create one page website with affiliate product link and that page will bring fortune to them by selling that product in huge numbers!

How To Overcome Them and Become Successful As Affiliate

Content is king, Create killer contentIn order to become successful in Affiliate Marketing, throw away ideas like Get Rich Quick and One Page Site. I am sorry fellows, but you really have to work for your money. Also that time has long gone, when only one page website, short sales pitch, little content you could make profit from Affiliate Marketing. Today, “Content Is King”, it reigns supreme. Competitions are fierce. This means if you’re building a site, it’s very essential to put in decent content. If you do Affiliate Marketing via your site/blog, you need to engage the visitors/readers/customers with quality content. You can drive traffic to your site by creating killer content. 

If search engine optimization (SEO) and wide range of keywords are your main way of getting traffic, the rule of thumb here is that your site/blog needs to have minimum 25 to 30 articles. In one hand it shows search engines that your site is of decent size with lot of information. On the other hand with 30 pages you’ll have 30 shots to rank 1 in search engine page ranking. It’s like you can have 30 penalty shots to score only one goal!

Now, it isn’t complicated as rocket science, instead it is only time consuming, which shouldn’t scare you either. First and foremost thing to remember, you don’t need to write these articles at once. Once you launch your site/blog, then set yourself a goal that you will be publishing 1 to 2 (whatever number is manageable by you) articles every week. This strategy also works if you do Affiliate Marketing using Article Marketing. And in 3 to 4 months, you’ll have a site full of great content that both your customers/visitors/readers and search engines will love.

If you really don’t want to write a content from scratch

This is a very interesting case. I know lot of you are going to question my ethics. But I am telling you every one of us doing this. People always say that you need unique content. Come on! That means if you have a product which is promoted by one person can never be promoted by anyone else? It cannot be. What I suggest that in this case take the format but insert your own ideas, shuffle the sentences, change words, put synonyms and in any other way to rewrite it so that it still makes sense to reads/customers. Your ultimate goal is NOT to copy. In that way you don’t need to write a content from scratch but your content can still be unique and original.

In case You don’t like Writing at all

If you don’t really like writing, there is other option available as well, outsourcing content. Basically you have two options: outsource for free or pay for it. To get free contents, you can ask your family members, friends, colleagues, members of the forum you joined to write on the topic your site is dealing. The other option is pay for professional writing services like Elance. Whatever option you opted for, there are few things you need to check when outsourcing content: 
  • If you’re paying to a new writer, make sure that you request some examples of content he/she has already written, just to ensure content quality.
  • ALWAYS and ALWAYS and ALWAYS (yes I repeated 2 times) check that nothing has been copied. Tools like Article Checker or Copyscape are great when comes to make sure that the content you've just paid for is unique.
  • If the content you got free, make sure to check spelling or any other mistakes as well before publish it.

Final Words On Advantages Writing Content Yourself

If none of these suggestions really working for you, then you really need to write some articles yourself. Even if you are going for content outsourcing, I encourage you to write few articles yourself. In one hand, it is a great experience which will be proven worth over time and on the other hand, the more you write yourself the better you’ll be in killer content creation. You will realize the proverb “Practice makes Perfect” is so true. And finally, while creating your content you’ll be doing lot of research which will build solid understanding on the subject your site is based on.

To Your Success of Creating Killer Content!

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