Jun 12, 2012

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Many of us (specially beginners in this field) are not well aware on how to be a successful affiliate. And at the same time affiliate should be aware about the things which he/she shouldn't do! In this post I intend to provide you a detail list of Do's and Don'ts for Affiliate Marketing and hope that it will help the affiliates out there.

Quick Intro on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tips, How To be a Successful AffiliateAffiliate marketing is a business model mainly online based in which online merchants (who own a product) allow a publisher (in this case affiliate who promote the product via website, social media, forum, blog etc.)  advertising their products and pay a commission or referring fee to the affiliate when someone clicks on the product and/or buy it. Once found a suitable product to promote, publisher/affiliate will get an unique web link which contains the affiliate id. Merchant is able to track each and individual promoted product per affiliate. 

Final words about affiliate marketing is, it is known to be a passive income provider. Because, after your promotional campaign is up and running for a product, you will be earning from the campaign with minimum day-to-day effort. The fantastic part of this type of income is, you will be earning while you are sleeping or on holiday. How cool is that!

Affiliate Marketing Do's

  • Join well reputed Affiliate Networks. Specially if you're a beginner in this field, one-to-one marketing for a lot of products is too difficult to manage at some stage. You will be also worried if you're going to be paid right on time. Therefore always join reputed affiliate networks. With them you will have much better products to offer/promote, track your sell/earning via their tools. This will also build your credibility and trust among customers.
  • Promote high quality products which interest you and you would consider buying those. This one is most important in my point of view. Would you buy a crap product for yourself? No for sure. Then why want to promote it? If you will do it, at some point, people will stop trusting you. You'll be marked and your affiliate business will suffer greatly. The worse thing is: payment back to customer. This may cause up to cancellation of your affiliate membership. So think before promote. Try to promote only those products which are high quality, interesting to you and you would love to buy one. The easiest way to determine that is to think about what you are passionate about and you will find the products in that domain to promote.
  • Promote honestly. Nothing is perfect. Customer who wants to buy a product he/she is also aware about this. Saying that, in affiliate marketing you have two choices. First, if you find a very interesting and high quality product with minor drawbacks, clearly mention that in your campaign, provide some near solution. Your campaign will be more trustworthy to potential customers. Second, for major drawbacks, avoid promoting the product. In both cases, you will keep your trust and credibility intact. If you want to promote something you do not own, then do a good deal of research, read reviews, ask questions in popular forum (like Yahoo Answers) before starting your promotional campaign.
  • Carefully read "Terms and Conditions" of an affiliate network you're going to join. If the name is referred by your friend, but unknown to you, DO some research over Internet about the network. This may save your time and probably hassle in near future.
  • Always test your promotional links. This is to ensure that the links are working properly.
  • You need to be flexible enough. This is something to do with techniques you use to promote a product. Affiliate marketing changes quickly and so does the techniques. Due to the change in technology what was working for you in past may not be working now. But you should be ready to make adjustment with recent techniques, trends and new products.
  • Do save your promotional links/campaign information as a soft copy on your computer. Always save them in a file on your computer so that if you would need the reference in the future you can have quick access.

Talking About Don’ts

  • Don’t spam. If you spam the social media, forums with spam promotional message, be aware that the result will be cancellation of your account from affiliate networks and you may loose any earning you make with spam promotion. Additionally, popular forums, blog take reporting of spamming seriously, so you will also be banned from those popular places to promote.
  • You Don't need to always own/purchase the product you want to promote. None of the affiliate networks/merchants should ask you to buy a product before you promote (if they do, don't go with them!). But sometimes owning and using a product can provide you new ideas to promote the product.
  • Don’t bribe. Provoking someone to click on an item or offering bonus to potential customers to encourage them buying the product are considered as bribery and the punishment is expelling you from the affiliate program together with returning the money you earned wrong way.
  • Never use any of your passwords as Tracking ID. The tracking id will always be visible to anyone. This will cause unauthorised access to your account. Wondering about worse thing can happen? Your hard earned money will go to unauthorised user of your account.

Recommended Reading on Affiliate Marketing

Following are some of the best books on affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner in Internet affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you these books to get you started on this business.

How to be a successful affiliate, learn affiliate marketingAffiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

This book provides everything merchants, business owners, and those charged with managing an affiliate program need to know. It offers a real-world, step-by-step guide to researching, launching, managing, and optimizing a successful affiliate marketing program. In addition it covers social media; creating policies; working with feeds, coupons, widgets, and video; creating compelling content.

Affiliate marketing guide, successful affiliate marketing strategy
A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants

In addition to providing concrete, practical answers to common (as well as not-so-common) questions, the book gives usable ideas on promoting affiliate programs, along with ways to keep affiliates motivated. 

What Do You Say?

I will love to hear from you if you have any additional comment/experience to share on this topic. 

What tips you would give to beginner affiliates? Do you have any question on the tips I provide? Please comment below. If you like this post and find it useful for someone else as well, feel free to share.


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