Jun 20, 2012

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Have you searched for SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin Review? Then you are right on place because in this post I'm going to provide you an in-depth review to unveil it's working logic, PROS and CONS and hope that this review will help you to decide what to do next with this product.

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What is the SEOPressor?

SEO Wordpress PluginBelieve me or not, Search Engine Optimization is a tedious task. It's time consuming and for beginners it's hard to understand what logic to follow to get best Google pagerank. I have even heard that people who have spent quite some time researching SEO, their sites were not just making good pagerank in Google/Bing/Yahoo. And pagerank is all about for affiliate marketing or e-business. That's what SEOPressor claims to do, i.e. it boosts the pagerank of your site/blog.

SEOPressor is a WordPress Plugin created by Mr. Daniel Tan. It allows you to optimize you blogs' or sites' articles using search engine optimization techniques to help you rank higher in search engine ranking. It analyses your on-page SEO factor and provides suggestion to improve that page ranking into eye of search engines.

In summary SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin is an On Page Search Engine Optimization tool to boost your site ranking in search engines.

How does the SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin work?

As mentioned, SEOPressor is an on page SEO tool which means the tool works on the actual page/post of your blog or site to help them rank higher in search engines. SEOPressor is basically an automated tool which calculates your on-page keyword density, formats keywords and images for search engine optimization, provides an overall SEO score of the on-page to show you how well the page is doing for search engine optimization. In summary, it is a tool for optimizing on-page keywords. If you want to do all the things mentioned above manually, it will need quite a lot of time. And the worst part is, even after all these manual hard works to optimize your page for search engines, you cannot guarantee that your site will be ranked in 1st page of Google.

SEOPressor does all the hard work for you automatically. It analyses on-page title tags, keywords, images, URL links, provides you an SEO score between 0% - 100% and finally suggests how to fix problems and improve your SEO score.

SEOPressor Video Tour

Watch SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin in full action. The video demonstrates how to work with SEOPressor and its features like keyword, image, link formatting, providing on-page SEO score and many more which I describe in details in below section.

[Note that the video quality in full screen may be not as clear as the default screen.]

SEOPressor Plugin Features

Let's have a look some of the features that SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin offers.

Easy to Setup

First of all, it’s only a plugin, so no need of installing anything. You simply download and upload it as per normal procedure.

Easy to Use

SEOPressor may have very complex working algorithm behind, but you don’t need to be a technical expert to figure out. And repeating the 1st point, you don’t need to do any installation to use SEOPressor. Also it is easy to navigate through this plugin.

Unique Algorithm

And that’s made it famous! You might be wondering how SEOPressor results closely match results of “almighty” Google. This is one of the unique features of SEOPressor which uses an algorithm which works in the very same way that the Google search engine works to rank websites. With this algorithm, SEOPressor knows what it will take for a site to rank high in Google.

Title, Heading, Image and URL Analysis

Article title and heading tags are one of the most important factors influencing Google or any search engine ranking. SEOPressor analyses title, H1, H2 and H3 tags and suggests changes require for best optimization. SEOPressor also analyses images and links on your content and suggests changes you can make for higher search engine ranking.

Analyse Keyword Density and Placement

SEOPressor analyses on-page keyword density and suggest changes you can make to improve your optimization. It also analyses and suggest proper placement of your keyword in that post.

Font Optimization

We ignore font decoration in an article from SEO, but fonts such as bold, italic and underline also influence search engine ranking. SEOPressor will help you suggesting changes you can make in your article's font to rank better in search engines.

ALT Tag Addition to Images

Another factor overlooked many times is to add Alt tag to our article images. SEOPressor will automatically add your keyword to your images thus optimizing them for best search engines benefit.

Find Your On-Page SEO Score and How to Improve It

SEO score by SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin
Another useful feature! With its unique algorithm, SEOPressor will calculate and reveals the score of your on-page optimization. SEOPressor calculates this SEO score on the scale of 0% to 100%. Now you get me right! The more the SEO score, better will be your site's search engine rank, resulting in better ability to attract organic traffic. But not only revealing only the SEO score, SEOPressor really helps you to improve this score (Look at the figure on right side for reference, click on it for enlarged version).
In addition, if your content changes, SEOPressor automatically re-calculates the SEO score.

Traffic, Where Art Thou?

With better on-page optimization you do not need to ask the above question. Your site will enjoy Red Hot organic traffic which is the best among all other types of traffic. 

Two Options To Choose, Availability of Trial Version, Easy to Buy

Basically you have two options for SEOPresson plugin, single and an unlimited license. If you like to use it on one website you need Single License while for unlimited sites you need Unlimited License. Below are the screenshots with complete information for both options.


As you could see, you can even buy the Trial Version before going for unlimited license. Also all the purchase are very simple. You will be forwarded to a page where you need to put your email address and complete the purchase form. That's it! Afterwards yo will receive purchase confirmation email into your email account with download details inside.

100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason, if you are not happy with SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin within 60 days of your purchase, you will get 100% money back.

SEOPressor Disadvantages

I hope by now you have got almost all the aspects of SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin. BUT, before coming into final conclusion I would like to provide you negatives or disadvantages of SEOPressor.
  • SEOPressor doesn't work well for other platforms other than Wordpress which surely in my point of view a limitation of this tool.
  • Addition of multiple sites for unlimited license is complex. NOTE: For single license, setup is very easy.
  • SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin can slow down your website loading. One way is to deactivate this plugin when not needed.


    If used correctly, SEO WordPress Plugin will definitely boost your search engine rankings. Like a good teacher, SEOPressor not only analyses your each and every article but provides you suggestions to improve your articles by various means so that your site/s will rank higher in the eye of search engines. The tool is maintained and updated regularly to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. Another interesting fact is that, the tool is updated to cope up with Google Panda updates. This tool is not only helpful to beginners who are struggling to get their site ranked high in search engines but also to SEO experts who do not want to do tedious SEO checklists for site optimization.

    My recommendation: 
    Instead of spending thousands of dollars in expensive SEO, go for SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin. You will be not disappointed. It's Safe and Profitable.
    And if you are not happy, you still have 100% money back guarantee. So you're not loosing anything.

    Take action TODAY!

    Order your Single/Unlimited (with Trial) License.
    Boost Your Site Rank to the TOP!


    Do you already have experience with SEOPressor? Feel free to share. If you like it please share it so that this post can be useful to someone.


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