Jun 7, 2012

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Currently there is a craze to buy search engine optimization software or tools or attend a training to master SEO. Why? First of all it's time consuming to go into Google, search and analyse profitable or niche keywords for a niche site or blog. After all, keyword is one of the most important things inside your site. The more targeted keywords you have in your site/blog, your page rank will be higher in search engines and more people will find your site and visit, which means potentially you will be able to earn more money from advertising, affiliate marketing to name a few.

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Intended Readership for Micro Niche Finder Review

This post is intended for those who want to use software or tools to do SEO for them or already have another one and want to know about Micro Niche Finder software. Also people who own it and either happy or dissatisfy with it, I will appreciate your comment/experience.

If you are not interested at all in any SEO software/tool/training/course and want to find your own way, I would say Skip the Reading but Share It with others so that this post can help someone.

A Quick Intro on Micro Niche Finder 

SEO software
In summary, Micro Niche Finder is an all-in-one keyword search software. But in broad description, its not only limited to profitable, low competition niche keyword search but also analyses markets and competition for those keywords. The software in its homepage mentioned as "Keyword Tool for Internet Marketers" developed by James Jones who his himself an expert in Internet Marketing.

Details/Specification of Micro Niche Finder

  • Price:
The cost is only $99.99.

That's one-time payment. You get free upgrades for life. 
You get unlimited support.

  • System to run the software: 
Micro Niche Finder is a PC Compatible Program. It runs in Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2000. For those who have Mac, don't get disappointed! It will run on a Mac if you have PC Emulation software such as Parallels or VMware.
  • Money back guarantee:
The software comes with full 60 days 100% money back guarantee.
  • Installation help, FAQ, Customer care:
Customer support provided via online, telephone within 24 hours. FAQ can be found under FAQ page link.
  • Trial Version for testing
You can order fully functioning 30 Day trial of Micro Niche Finder for only $7.99. During the 30 day trial you'll be able to enjoy ALL the features of Micro Niche Finder. If you choose to continue using Micro Niche Finder after 30 days, you'll be charged 2 monthly payments of just $49 each. You'll then have lifetime access to Micro Niche Finder plus lifetime updates and lifetime support.

Screenshot of the software

After successful installation, once you start it program the screen as shown above will appear. The encircled box is where you will type your keyword for searching and hit "Search". The search result will be appeared with different information [see detailed under the topic: Exclusive Features of Micro Niche Finder (which make it Special!)] as shown below.

Video Tour of the software

Micro Niche Finder teams made this video which I think a very descent guide. Please take few minutes to watch the video, continue reading the review and finally decide. It's your hard earned money after all.

Note: You would need Apple Quicktime installed on your PC. If you have problem to watch the video, let me know. You can also visit this link to go directly into the site and watch it.

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Advantage of Micro Niche Finder in general

  • Time and stress saver:
As mentioned in first few lines of this post, keyword research and analysis are very much time consuming process and for beginner Internet marketers it can be frustrated too. If you are not able to find a good balance of keyword, domain and market competition, let's face it, you'll hardly make any profit. Micro Niche Finder is very effective software to save your precious time to search for a niche keyword and at the same time analyse the market and competition, just in one click of search button.
  • Search for low competition but profitable niche marketing keywords:
The reason why to choose low competition keywords, because it is easier to get high ranked with them than the already existing highly competitive keywords. And once you will rank high, rest is obvious to you - more traffic, more sells option, more revenue.
  • Software installation and usage:
First of all, the software can be installed in most of the Windows systems. Also in Mac, this software can be used with PC emulator. As for using the software, it is very easy to use Micro Niche Finder. You don't need any special skill to run or understand it.
  • Price is one time for the software and later upgrades. Even 60 days 100% money back guarantee is included.

"Exclusive Features" of Micro Niche Finder (which make it Special!)

Instead of going into software guide, I simply describe what makes Micro Niche Finder special and different compare to other SEO software currently in the market. If you have watched the video you already got some idea.
  • Strength of Competition (SOC)


This is so far the most unique algorithm used by Micro Niche Finder to show the number which tells you how strong is the competition for your keywords and niches. The number is calculated based on pagerank, backlinks, website authority and result count. 

The color code is:
Green: Low competition. You can choose this keyword/niche.
Yellow: Medium competition. Think twice before go for it.
Red: High competition. Not worth to go for the niche, search for other option.
  • Geographical Targeting and Google Database

Using Geographical Targeting feature users will be able to select a specific location and language to search their keywords. The results are coming from Google Database just like as if you are searching Google.
  • Online Commercial Intention  (OCI)

This field shows some sort of commercial transaction related to the keyword, like purchasing, bidding.
  • Measure of Backlinks

Backlinks are those external links which are directed to specific web address. For every searched keyword, Micro Niche Finder will give user an MOB value which basically is average backlink count of topmost 10 Google results. Higher MOB for a keyword means market is crowded with that keyword. So you should choose low MOB keywords for which you can start creating backlinks and make high pagerank in Google with those keywords.
  • MNF also find for you affiliate programs related to your keyword or niche.
  • The software checks for availability of a domain matched with your searched keyword.

Downsides of Micro Niche Finder

At this point, I can enlist following downsides of MNF:
  • If you know the SEO terms and terminology, then I could tell you to stick with Google search and Google Adwords tool which are absolutely free. Why spend hard earned money on a software which is basically built on  free service like Google, right?
  • You will be solely dependant on a software for the keyword search. This addictiveness could prohibit you to think outside of the box.

Always do manual search for keyword on Google.


Micro Niche Finder is a quality software which will definitely help you searching low competition keywords and niche and with its unique features provide you information regarding domain availability, affiliate program to choose. In addition to that, money back guarantee, solid customer support via phone or email within 24 hours, all makes it a solid program which beginner entrepreneur should definitely try out. Micro Niche Finder will not help you successful in your niche but also remember that it provides you all in single click saving you hours spending in Google search. And you know what, you will have some time to relax and think of your next project!

My recommendation is: It's Safe to use and Profitable.

Take action TODAY before time runs out!

Order your FULL VERSION of 
Micro Niche Finder Today!!!


Do you already have experience with MNF? Feel free to share. If you like it please share it so that this post can be useful to someone.


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