Jun 2, 2012

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First of all, I will try to make an honest opinion on a product which I found OK for my purpose (as you can see in the picture, those were my priorities). But its human nature that even with "happy" product we find here and there some flaws. In this post, I will tell you why to choose Infolinks advertising to earn money from your blog as well as mention some disadvantages which you should be aware well ahead.

This review is intended to guide those who haven't heard about Infolinks or couldn't decide if it is right for them.

If you have already integrated Infolinks in your site/blog and happy with it, you may skip this review. But please feel free to pass/send this post to someone you may think this post would be useful.

Few Words on Infolinks

Infolinks Review
Infolinks is an In-Text advertising network (a form of contextual advertising) which scans post and shows relevant advertisement on matching words. Making its appearance back on 2007, Infolinks has gained good reputation among publishers recently.

Check the video below to get an introduction of Infolinks.

Top 8 Advantages of Infolinks

  • No additional space needed: Surely this is the biggest advantage I found while I was searching for an advertise network. As already mentioned, Infolinks is based on in-text advertising and highlight keywords appeared in post, you can be able to utilize whatever additional space to another advertisement or gadget for your blog.
  • Perfectly suitable for beginner blog and site: When you start a new blog/site, your traffic is not good and most of the advertisement companies will turn down your registration (Adbrite did to me!). But Infolinks is perfectly suitable for those newcomers, beginners. To get approved from Infolinks is as simple as I am telling to you. Sign up with them and wait for maximum 30 minutes and you will get approval irrespective of your site/blog status
  • Very easy integration within blog or site: Again another easy yet effective feature of Infolinks is its ease of integration within your blog or site. Very few lines of java code which you need to either put directly into your post or add to an HTML/Java gadget. Also plug-in/gadgets are available for most of the blog platform, like Wordpress, Blogspot, Joomla, Drupal.

    Another thing is that customization of the ad code is very easy. You need to choose only the color and underline type (dotted or double solid line).
  • High click through rate: As the advertisements are mainly in-text, Infolinks advertisements have higher Click Through Rate, which means one thing for sure: more chance to earn money.
  • Several monetizing options: Not only in-text advertising, you have 4 other types of monetizing option with Infolinks, namely, Related Tags, Tag Cloud, Search Widget and Resources.

    You can turn any option off if you like. (I like this type of flexibility too!) 
  • Can be run together with other Advertising Network: You can run Infolinks in your blog or site in parallel to other advertising programs without violating their terms and conditions (i.e. Adsense). 
  • Not too big-n-complex Privacy Policy like the other programs where you sometime get confused and lost in the jungle of words.
  • Paypal payment option: This one is very convenient specially for the international users who can get their payment faster via Paypal method.

And 9th Advantage

Infolinks pays upto 70% of revenue to its publishers.
(That's not a chicken feed!)

Disadvantage of Infolinks

Now before sign up for the account, I recommend you to read this section and make the final decision afterwards.
  • Low or almost no payment for bad content or non matching keyword to your blog post: This is universal to all advertising I would say. Bad quality content, no matching keywords will not produce good advertising links. The result is visitors will less likely click on the links and no income will generate. 
Solution: Put good quality post with matching keyword per post or based on your blog's niche. For example, if you're post is about reviewing affiliate marketing sites, keywords like "Affiliate Advertising", "Affiliate Marketing", "E-marketing" will be some of the perfect matched keywords. 
  • Cost Per Click is low: While Click Through Rate is higher, the cost per click is on the lower side when comparing to other advertising networks like Adsense. Again this also varies greatly with your niche. 
Solution: Try to stick to good quality content writing and selecting proper keywords. 
  • Very low payment for International Traffic: If you are not getting your most of the traffic from USA, international traffic will hardly generate good income. 
Solution: There no immediate solution of this. But some measures will be:
  1. You can index your site to major US search engines.
  2. Put quality comments to sites/forums/blogs in US which are closely matching your blog subject.
  3. Or, you can spend money to build traffic. There are lots of companies are nowadays available. Just make sure that you are not mislead what they promise.  

    Proof of Earning

    Below I attach a screenshot of my Infolinks income for May, 2012. As you can see that I am getting only 100+ visits/day. The reasons are:
    • I'm new in blogging, started on February 28th, 2012 (3 months old at the time I'm writing this post).
    • I'm not paying any extra dime to anyone to get traffic or promote site.

    But this is a good example for you to see how would be the income for a beginner and novice blogger.

    Proof of Infolinks Income


    Irrespective of Pros/Cons, I would say, you should try Infolinks for some time. You can not judge a person seeing their face (unless you are mind reader like Martian Manhunter!). You may not (or may be) generate heavy income during your first few months, but it will come with time. Focus on quality of your post, delivering honest opinions and readers will come, follow you (you can not hide!). And once you will have a faithful group of followers, you will get more clicks to be converted to money.

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    If you have experience with Infolinks, I'd love to hear about that. Please feel free to share your knowledge/experience on Infolinks in comment box. Also if you find this post useful, please share it within your circles. 


    1. Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for writing this nice review about us, I especially liked your tips for improving earnings for those who already have Infolinks. I'm happy to hear you're happy. Don't forget to check out our blog and like us on Facebook for the latest news.

      Happy blogging!
      Pamela :)

      1. Thanks for visiting and your comment. I guess every program has pros-n-cons. weneed to choose a program which matches mostly to our requirements, stick to that for some time before coming into any real conclusion. I don't know if infolinks will be the superbest for me, time will tell, but for the time being, i would like to give it a try and make a statistics with others to check the credibility of it :)
        Cheers fromDarmstadt, Germany,

    2. The review was very useful.. I added infolinks in my blog http://patentz.blogspot.in/

      1. Glad this post help you, my friend!
        As mentioned in the post, give it a try for sometime together with proper customization which suits to your site with proper keyword combination.
        If you would let us know what do you think about infolink that would be great. Also you would like to check our other post on internet marketing.

    3. I would suggest you try InfoLinks for 15-20 at least before reaching any decision. After 15-20 days, you will more numbers to decide whether you should use infoLinks ads on your blog or not.

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