May 23, 2012

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Why Would You Like to Unfollow?

There may be several reasons. Most common is that you don't like the blog anymore. It's just not doing it! It's quality has been degraded and you may have found better blog to follow. Or may be the blog writer has copied your blog articles and posted in his/her site without asking your permission which simply puts you in rage. And you decided to turn your face back.

Wait! How Do I do Unfollow a Blogger or Blogspot Blog?

It's very simple and easy. Just follow the step by step guide in next section and in no time you will fulfil your wish.

Unfollow Blogger Blog

Steps to Stop Following

  • Log in to your blogspot account
  • Click on Design (if new blogspot blog template) or Dashboard (for old classic blogspot template).
  • Click on My Blogs on top left corner of the current page. You will be on the page where all of your blogs are enlisted.
  • Click on Reading List which will show list of all the blogs you are following. Now click on the Manage Reading List (a mechanical wheel button - marked in green color) on the right corner of Reading List.

Unfollow blogger blog

  • You will be now in the page which shows Manage Blogs I'm Following as below:


    • Click on Settings on the right side of the blog you are following.
    • A pop up window will appear, showing you the settings for the blog you are following.
    • Click on Stop Following this site (encircled in red) as shown below:

    • Confirm stop following on next window.
    • Under the page Manage Blogs I'm following, unfollowed blogs will not be shown anymore. 

    Final Words

    It's always good to clear up mess and tidy up a bit. Not to worry about what the writer would think/mind, they will not be informed (even they do, it's your life, your choice!). 

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      1. I've done those steps, multiple times, and the blogs I want to stop following do not disappear from the reading list or the manage blogs I am following page. Can I actually stop following these blogs?

        1. Hi Jax, thanks for visiting and your comment.

          you can also check under the tab "sites you have joined" as shown in my last picture. if you still see those sites, then please press on stop following option on the right. do it one by one, i mean first stop following one site then let the page get refreshed and then do he next and so on.

          let me know if it works.

      2. Thank you for this - I found it very helpful!

        1. Glad it helps you out, Teresa! More blog guides and tips are on the way, so feel free to subscribe :-)

          PS: Your blog is a cool one. The latest post was a nice read :)

      3. Thanks for your step by step instructions. But... I can't even get the "Manage the blogs I'm following" page to come up. The page just come up blank. So frustrating.

      4. Thank you so much! I've literally read about 15 different sites none of which was helpful ... came across yours and voila, I was unable to unfollow. Thanks so much :)

      5. Thanks so much this was giving me a hard time!!!

      6. Thnx. It was a very lucid and concise tutorial.

      7. Yes, thanks, it works much appreciated. I like it simple and clear.