May 6, 2012

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Nothing Exists Forever

Finally the moment of truth "Nothing exist forever" has come. For whatever the reason, you have decided to delete your blog which you have created and designed from scratch, worked hard to write quality content for all of your readers.

I am here to provide you an easy step-by-step guide on how to delete your blogger blog to make your "kill" smooth. I will also demonstrate this with a test blog.

Step-by-step Guide to Delete Blogger Blog

Delete Blogger Blog

  • Log in to your Google Blogspot account
  • If you have multiple blogs, choose the one which you have decided to delete (for example in following figure, the 1st blog is marked as "to be deleted".)

blog selection for deletion
  • Go to More Options (green colored)  -->  Settings (blue colored)). "More Option" button is a small triangle button on right side of the selected blog (red colored) as shown below.
blogger blog setting

  • Go to Settings --> Others. In "Others" tab, you will find blog tools with 3 option, Import, Export and Delete Blog (green colored)

  • Press "Delete Blog". A small window as shown below will be appeared saying that your blog can be restored within 90 days after which it will be deleted permanently. If you like, you can download the blog settings as XML file. Press "Delete this blog" button.
  • Your blog is deleted. To verify that, you can go Blogger Homepage while still logged in. On left side, you will see your current active blogs and deleted blogs. Click on the "Deleted Blog" (red colored) and you will see the blog we have deleted is there.

Just To Sum It Up

As mentioned before, even if you found that you mistakenly did delete an entire blog, you can still be able to restore it within 90 days of time from day of deletion. You just need to navigate to the screen as shown above and press "Undelete" button.

Final Tip
Double check/think of your blog before hitting "Delete" button.
It may save you deleting wrong blog!!!

I hope you find this post helpful for your searching on how to delete blogger blog. If you like the post, feel free to comment, share with others.


  1. thank you! it's so easy but I was on the wrong page... anyway thanks!