May 29, 2012

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First of all, this post is going to be a long one (I'm going to make review as well as product guide). So if you want to read it later on, please Bookmark (Ctrl+D) this page or make a print out.

Monetize Your Blog

If you have searched with the keywords "how to make money with blog", I believe in either of these two things:
  • You already know what is the blog but still do not have any blog and you have heard rumor that people can monetize blogs.
  • You already have a blog and you like to explore the monetizing options for blog/site.You have also heard that blog writers earn money from advertisements in their blogs/websites. Actually, they earn revenue money from the search-engine optimized advertisement networks (Google Adsense, Infolinks) or referral or associate program (eBay, Amazon). 
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Disadvantage of Google Adsense (Probably You'll Be Aware Well Ahead)

Google Adsense CONSThere are lot of people who successfully run Google Adsense in their blogs, but I would like to point out some of the CONS that Google Adsense has. Probably this will help you to prepare way ahead and decide to go for other advertising options, like Chitika (which I will describe shortly):
  • Google Adsense has a complicated steps to follow before you can request for cash out. You will be asked to enter the pin that will deliver to you by post, which is a disadvantage for international users as it takes too long to wait for the mail.
  • Adsense has very strict rules to follow so you should be careful all the time.
  • The minimum payout for Adsense is $100, which will really take time to reach. And when you are new to blogspot you will not have that many unique visitors daily.
  • Traffic is the key for performing well with Adsense, so you should have the resources to get that volume of visitors coming. 

Recommendation on Adsense

Google Adsense and Site Build It!, are a dream team. Looks like they are made for each other. If you have lost hope on Adsense, good news is, Site Build It! is on your side to make Adsense a friendly resident in your blog. So why waiting, Check HERE how you could do it.

What is Chitika BTW?

Chitika is a search engine based advertisement program that webmasters and bloggers can use to display more advertisements on their sites. Chitika displayed a targeted search, mobile and local ads that are suited for your audiences' interests. Publisher or Blogger may earn from these ads through their publish works or blog posts.

Why Chitika, When So Many Options Are There?

Most of the beginner bloggers start happily with Google Adsense and suddenly one day been informed by Google Adsense that their accounts have been closed because of the violation of Google Rules. Google does not explicitly mentions what is the problem, which rules you have violated. And you are not allowed to re-apply for the adsense program with the same Google email id.

Closing your only monetizing options by that time for your blog leaves you no other choice, but to search for an alternative. And you know, you do not need to go far. Chitika is your friend.

Advantages of Chitika against Adsense

There are several advantages of using Chitika over Adsense or Infolinks and they are listed below:
  • It's easy to set up and get started with Chitika.
  • It does not have strict rules like Adsense which make newcomer comfortable to use it.
  • It has a high click-through rate that ensures you make the most out of your traffic.
  • Chitika ads can be shown in parallel to other ads program like Adsense.
  • Chitika offers a referral program unlike Adsense or Infolinks that lets you earn 10% of their revenue from bloggers who sign up under you for a minimum of 15 months only.
  • Cash out payments for Chitika are lower than Adsense/Infolinks. Chitika's minimum payment for Paypal is $10 only and $50 for check payments.
  • Chitika pays you to use their maps on your blog/website.
  • As Chitika is a search based advertising program, Chitika ads on your blog are only displayed when somebody comes to your site via the search engines. If not, the ad is not shown and doesn't occupy or waste any space, but rather is completely invisible, which helps you to continue providing a quality user experience for all of your traffic. 

If you set up a Chitika advertising block on your page and somebody finds your blog by searching for "Canon Rebel EOS" on a search engine, then the Chitika ad unit is going to display ads for "Canon Rebel EOS". The ad unit doesn't just display the text ads like Adsense would, but instead provides an interactive display that encourages high click-through rates. In the above example, the Chitika ad would say "Searching for Canon Rebel EOS?" at the top of the ad, highlighting the keywords that were used and then emboldening the keywords in the corresponding ads that are displayed below. When somebody doesn't enter your site via a search, the Chitika ad never appears.

Now as you learnt several advantage, I'd recommend you to give Chitika a try! And it's very simple. Click the Chitika Premium icon on right side of this section and follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

Recommended Software for Keyword Search

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But you would like to read my review first before spending your hardearned money:

    How to Add Chitika to Your Blog for Monetizing

    STEP 1:
    Click on the below picture.

    Chitika google adsense alternative

    STEP 2:
    You will appear in Chitika website page and you need to click on "Get Started" button on the right side of the page with orange color.

    STEP 3:
    You will be taken to a page for apply to a publisher program. Fill it with your first, last names, user name you want to use, password, website (address of your blog in case you have only blog), email. Type the words shown in the left into right box and select "I accept Chitika's Terms and Condition" Other option is optional. Finally press "Submit Application".

    Chitika publisher program

    STEP 4:
    You will notified by Chitika on next screen about sending their confirmation link on your provided email address.

    STEP 5:
    Check your email and click on the link they have sent inside the body of the mail to verify and activate your account.

    STEP 6:
    You are not yet into creating Ad with Chitika. In maximum 2 business days, you will get an email "Chitika Application Approved". Click on the log in link to get to the Ad set up page. Click on "Get Started" (encircled in Red). 

    STEP 7:
    The next screen will be the ad set up screen.

    HTML code for chitika

    STEP 7.a:
    Add a Reporting Category (inside yellow rectangle): You need to give channel name and user name. By default channel name will be "Chitika Default". But if you like, you can put for example, "ipod" or "electronics" or "camera". You got the idea!

    STEP 7.b:
    Select Unit Options (inside green rectangle): Choose a format (120 x 600 or any other suitable to your own choice), type and fallback options from drop down button. Recommendation for fallback is "Collapse".

    STEP 7.c:
    Pick Your Colors (inside red rectangle): Choose color for ad unit.

    Choose color combination which matches your site/blog. 
    Contrast color combination does hurt eyes!

    STEP 7.d:
    Preview Your Unit (inside orange rectangle): Preview of your ad unit you created. Change/modify viewing as you like before publishing it on your blog.

    STEP 8:
    Go down on the page and you will find your code. Click inside the box and whole HTML code will be selected. Copy it.

    STEP 9:
    Now log in into your Blogger. Go to Design -> Layout -> Add a Gadget -> Basic -> HTML/Java Script. Paste your code into "Content" box in Configure HTML/Javascript gadget. You can add title if you like.

    STEP 10:
    "Save" the HTML configuration.

    STEP 11:
    Finally "Save Arrangement" at the right hand corner of your blog site.

    Chitika Account Settings to Customize How to Receive Money

    Hold on! One more step remaining, that is your account information in Chitika. How do you think Chitika will know where to pay your money? So follow the steps below:

    • Go to Publisher log in page of Chitika (or if you still have the web page opened in any tab. I did not ask you to close that, did I ^_^ ).
    • Log in and from the top select "My Account".
    • The main part is the "Payee Information". Fill in with your appropriate name and address with contact email.
    • From Payee Information part, select either Paypal or Check. For Paypal option you need to provide your Paypal email id. And if you select Check option, Chitika will send money via check to the person appeared in "Payee Information" box. For Check option you can select specific amount from drop down menu from "Hold until my balance crosses: " option (minimum is $50).
    • Finally, save the account information.

    Chitika Publisher Program ReviewChitika Publisher Program ReviewYou Have Made It...

    Congratulation! You've successfully set up and add Chitika ads to be appeared on you blog. You can check if the ads appears on the place you have set it up to be displayed.

    Call for Action

    I would recommend you to try Chitika. It is a very good alternative of Google Adsense.

    As you have learnt about Chitika and mastered how to set up Chitika in your website or blog, it's high time that you get ready to apply for Chitika Publisher, put Chitika Ads in your blog or website and start earning money.Simply click on the following picture and you will be guided for the rest.

    If you have any questions on adding Chitika ads, let me know. Share your experience and knowledge how you add channels, customize Chitika ads more efficiently. And if you like the post or if it is helpful to you, feel free to share with your friends.


    1. Can I add chitika ads to other blogs also?

      1. Hi Nandan,

        As far as I know, nothing should stop you. Do you already have chitika in any of your blog? How is it doing?

    2. since two month(february) My chitia account show $50.03 payment to date.But i don't any $.I fillup my payment procces by chec& complete tax form. what can i do? plz help me.

      1. Hi GB,

        did you contact the chitika support team? They can help you out. Give it a try, messaging them.

        All the best,

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      1. Hi Andrea,
        Glad you find my review useful. It's quite after some time I am replying to your message. How are you going with your blog?

    4. Hello, this is really a very good ads network for making money blogging, personally I earn more $40 from this ads network, thanks for your inspiring review about Chitika

      1. Hi Ujjal,
        Glad that Chitika working for you! I saw your blog, very nice, keep it going! Chitika so far I've investigated, sounds good specially for search engine traffic. Do you think, if you place Chitika, you can place Adsense at the same time in that blog?

        Thanks for coming back and I left a comment in your blog too!