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This post is meant to be for the very beginners to this wonderful game, Marvel Avengers Alliance in Facebook. Like most other 1st person game, you have following options to develop your hero and make your team stronger against opponents:
Figure 1: Currency and points as seen on Marvel Avengers Alliance game screen

Below is a complete guide for all of these points to help you get started in game:

1. Energy: 
Energy can be identified as single lightning bolt icon in orange color.
Energy Usage:
  • Primarily and only for fight, i.e. 10 Energy per fight.
How to get more Energy:
  • Energy will be accumulated over time. In 6 minutes 1 energy will be gained.  
Note, you can have up to 60 energy. If you have full energy, you can not accumulate extra.
  • Once you Level Up you will get full energy back.
  • Get energy visiting your allies' buildings.
  • You can have energy from gift. Ask your friends/allies to send you some energy packs and re-gift them.
  • Purchase energy with gold.

2. Silver: 
One of the most common currencies in the game is Silver, which you can get through majority of actions.
Silver Usage:
  • Buy items like weapons, gadgets, medicines.
  • Perform Research to get new skills, abilities for your agents and team individual team members.
  • Level up your team members.
How to get more Silver:
  • Easiest and quickest way, to send out your team members to the mission with smallest time and maximum silver (the very first mission for example).
  • Get silver as reward after finishing a mission or task.
  • Sell extra or not needed items to gain extra silver.
  • Visit your allies from their profiles and click on the tasks (highlighted as light blue). For some tasks you will receive silver. Note that you will have 5 tasks per ally per day.
  • Buy more silver with your existing gold.

3. Gold: 
Gold value can be identified with gold bar icon.
Gold Usage:
  • The most versatile element, gold can be used to buy premium items.
  • Gold is used to get energy, command points, shield points and silver.
How to get more Gold:
  • After you level up, you will receive gold.
  • Buy more gold with pay pal/credit card.

4. SHIELD points: 
SHIELD points is a pink color button.
  • Unlock heroes.
  • Training (level up your team members).
  • Research.
How to get more SHIELD points:
  • Visit your allied buildings to get 3 SHIELD points.
  • Ask your allies to send it to you as gift and re-gift them as well.
  • Buy more with gold.

5. Command points: 
Command points is a dark green color button with A symbol in the middle.
Command point Usage:
  • Recruit heroes. 
How to get more Command points:
  • While you hit your opponent/s, there will be a chance that the opponent/s will drop command points.
  • Like other fighting games you will encounter BOSS. If you can defeat BOSS, you may get 1 or 3 or 5 command points.
  • You may get command points by defeating your opponent/s.
  • If you master a mission with 5 stars, you will earn 5 command points.
  • You can buy/exchange command points with your gold. For that press on "+" sign on the right side of the command point box.

 Above I have enlisted in brief for the beginners how to start with the game. Do you know any other tips to get currency and points in Avengers Alliance? Feel free to share your experience here. 

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