Apr 14, 2012

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OK, so if you have currently created a Flickr account or you had already the account for quite some time and you are willing to add/show your own photos as a slideshow to your blog readers, then read on! Follow these simple steps below and you will have your flickr photo albums as slideshow on your blogger page:
  • At first, sign in to your flickr account under this page.
  • Once you logged in, go to your photostream by pressing on "You" option as shown below (encircled in red).
Figure 1: Go to photostream from "You" option on your profile
  •  At the bottom (end of your photostream) of that page, you will find "Subscribe to ... photostream" phrase as shown in figure 2. Click on Latest.
Figure 2: Click on "Latest" to get your flickr URL for slideshow in blogger
  •  A new web page will open (either as new window or on the same tab). The URL will be like this:

Copy-paste it into a notepad/text editor and save that file.
  • Now log in to your blogger account. Go to blogger design -> layout (marked as 1) -> press on Add a Gadget (marked as 2) as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 3: Design  ->  Layout  ->  Add a Gadget
  • From Basic (1) option, select Slideshow (2) and then press "+" (3).
Figure 4: Add " Slideshow" gadget from Basic Add a Gadget option
  • Configure Slideshow window will open as shown below. The numbered options are self explanatory. 
                     (1) Title           : choose any suitable one
                     (2) Source       : from drop down option, select "Other"
                     (3) Feed URL : copy paste the URL you have saved earlier in the text file.
                     (4) Speed        : select from drop down menu
                     (5) Preview     : picture slide show will appear after some time

Figure 5: Configuring the slideshow options
  • Save (6) the configuration and close the window. Save blogger appearance and customize the position where your slideshow will appear in your blog.
Congratulation! You have successfully added your Flickr photos as slideshow in your blog. If you still do not have a flickr account create one and follow this guide to set up flickr slideshow in your blog. Feel free to put any question you may have on this post.

Photo Editing Softwares Do WONDER for You

How many times that we took a picture which was looking very nice on camera screen but disappointment hit us when we see on computer screen (bigger screen than camera screen). Well, that time is gone because I bring you a list of free and paid top favorite softwares to bring the professional look to your photos.

Free / Open Source Software
Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. A multitude of tools and features. RAW compatibility. Plug-ins. Device support.

Potentially complex for the uninitiated. Somewhat cramped interface. Requires plug-ins to match Photoshop's features.

Bottom Line:
The OS-agnostic GIMP brings high-end photo editing to users for zero dollars, but only the dedicated should walk this deep, complex road.

Superb integration with online galleries. Excellent face recognition. Geo tagging. Polished interface. Support for RAW camera files. Syncs local edits with online images. Mac and Linux versions available. Free.

Facebook upload requires plug in. Histogram not editable.

Bottom Line:
Not only is Picasa the best entry-level photo editor, organizer, and sharing tool you could ask for, it's also free, and it runs on every major desktop operating system.

Now with face recognition and retouching, Windows Live Photo Gallery can stand up proud against the likes of Apple iPhoto and Google Picasa.

My Flickr Photostream

As you have come this far, why not checking My Flickr Photostream. If you have any comment on any of the photos feel free to let me know so that I will improve my skill more. And if you like any photo to own, send me an email and I'll be happy to be in contact with yo.

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