Apr 14, 2012

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Like many RPG Games, to successfully win matches in Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) you need to be aware about the hero class. If you will plan ahead to recruit heroes, you will be already one step towards victory in PvP or mission matches. In this post I will summarize the hero class showing hero character and number of command points for recruiting them. In addition you may also like to read my other posts to learn how to level up faster or how to get currency and command points to make your team stronger.

In MAA, there are 6 hero classes:
  • Generalists
  • Blasters
  • Bruisers
  • Scrappers
  • Infiltrators
  • Tacticians
Apart from Generalist class, you will be able to recruit your heroes from rest of the 5 classes. To build a successful team you need to know strength and weakness of every class so that you can build an optimum team. Following is a picture showing the relationships between each class.

Figure 1: Relationships between classes in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Descriptions of each class are detailed below:

Generalists are those heroes (normally you as an agent) who have no strengths nor weaknesses against any class. They can be considered as a versatile character.

  • BLASTERS: Strong against Bruisers, weak against Tacticians.
All hits from blaster class hero against Bruisers are CRITICAL and ignore defense.
TIPS: Most of them (5 out of 6) are flying, making blaster hero more resistant from ground attacks.
Figure 2: Heroes of Blaster class, with Iron Man is the free hero

  • BRUISERS: Strong against Scrappers, weak against Blasters.
Bruisers get Enraged when attacking or attacked by Scrappers, inflicting more damage.

Figure 3: Heroes of Bruisers class

  • SCRAPPERS: Strong against Infiltrators, weak against Bruisers.
Scrappers perform a free follow-up attack when attacking Infiltrators.
Figure 4: Heroes of Scrapper class

  • INFILTRATORS: Strong against Tacticians, weak against Scrappers.
They gain Combat Reflexes/Awareness when attacking Tacticians. Afterwards whenever they are attacked by any class, they re-attack them.

Figure 5: Heroes of Infiltrator class, with Black Widow as free hero

  • TACTICIANS: Strong against Blasters, weak against Infiltrators.
They gain a bonus turn after attacking Blasters.

Figure 6: Heroes of Tactician class. Note that Hawkeye is ALMOST free hero with 1 Command Point

I hope that now you will know about the hero class in Avengers Alliance and their strengths/weaknesses. Whenever building a team, remember that not to include heroes from same classes, but from different classes which will make your team more stronger. For example, most of the time in PvP you will face Blasters and Tacticians combination, so build your team with a Tactician (to neutralize Blaster) and an Infiltrator or Scrapper (to kill the enemy Tactician). But again, it is from my point of view. Try your own method and feel free to share any tip you may have.

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  1. I just download it, do you play this game? I can see human torch and some other heroes that I can find now in my game, are they deleting it already? Or it will appear if I keep leveling? Well I'm lvl 15 now. Thank you