Mar 12, 2012

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For indoor or container gardening, we have mainly two choices, i.e. containers made of plastic or clay. Over the times, I have found that plastic containers have more advantages over clay pots. You can grow same type of plants (even herbs, vegetables, edible plants) in plastic containers. And nowadays they are made of recyclable plastics as well. So you can bring your old plastic containers to your nearest recycling station instead let them go to landfill. Following table shows a comparison between plastic and clay pots.


Clay Pot
Plastic Pot
Clay pots are expensive.
Plastic containers are less expensive to buy.
You can buy more than 1 plastic pot for same amount of money which can buy 1 clay pot.
Plants in clay pots need frequent watering (1 or 2 times a day depending on the temperature). Because clay is a conductive medium and water from the soil evaporates from the outer surface of the clay pot rapidly during warm temperature.
Plastic pot holds water for longer time. Plastic is an insulator, therefore water does not evaporate so easily from outside surface of plastic containers. Therefore you do not need to water everyday to plants.
Clay pots get warmer or colder much quickly, again due to the conductive nature of clay.
Plastic pots are not easily affected by temperatures.
Clay containers are very prone to damage, even small amount of physical force.
Plastic pots are strong and flexible and therefore usually long lasting.
Clay pots are much heavier in weight.
Even very big plastic containers are lightweight.

TIPS For Buying Pots:
Whatever type you buy, make sure that there are drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.


Whatever type of pot you buy/own, if you are a container gardener, you can also grow vegetables, herbs, edible flowers. And if you are a person like me who likes to grow food in balcony/backyard, I will highly recommend Bountiful Gardener by McGee and Stuckey. This book covers the basic aspects of growing food inn containers, such as, determining type of containers for type of vegetables, soil, fertilization, seed starting.

A Customer's review - "Finally, here's a book on container gardening that focuses on vegetables (and also herbs, fruits and edible flowers). I was tired of looking through tons and tons of books on container gardening that were full of stuff about houseplants and flowers but had zilch when it came to the edible stuff. Was vegetable gardening out of bounds for apartment dwellers like me? I thought so till I came across this book. This book is a godsend for people who want kitchen gardens of their own but who can only garden with containers."

Do you have a container garden? What type of pot do you use and how is your experience with that type? I will love to learn your experience on different kind of pots.


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