Mar 5, 2012

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What is RSS?

RSS (full form: Rich Site Summary) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated web contents, such as blog entries, news headlines and other online publishing.

Benefits of RSS
  • You can easily stay informed about your favorite sites. RSS retrieves the latest content from those sites.
  • You do not need to visit each of your favorite sites individually.
  • You keep your privacy by not joining to email newsletter distribution list.
  • If you have a blog or website, putting RSS feed of your site will help to increase traffic from search engines.
  • For the publisher, it creates a new income stream from selling advertising space.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Customized RSS feed icon into Your Blog
  • Go to the option Design => Layout.
  • On Layout, click on Add Gadget option on right side.
  • Another small window will be opened, showing you "Add a Gadget" options as in Figure 1. Stay on Basic (marked as number 1) and select HTML/JavaScript (marked as number 2) by pressing [+] sign at top right corner of the gadget.

Figure 1: Adding HTML/JavaScript from Basic option
  • Configure HTML/JavaScript window will be opened with "Title" and "Content" box to be filled by you.
  • Give a title something like "Subscribe via RSS" or anything which you like.
  • In the Content box, copy and paste following code, replacing "Your Blog URL" and "YOUR RSS PICTURE URL" with proper links:
    <a href="YOUR BLOG URL/rss.xml" title="Subscribe via RSS">
    <img alt="Subscribe via RSS" src="YOUR RSS PICTURE URL" />

For example: 
         my blog URL is: 
         my RSS picture URL is:
         So the final code for me is:
  • Save the gadget and your layout.
  • Finally it is up to you where to put the gadget. I would suggest somewhere which can be immediately and easily visible for the blog reader.
I hope this post will help you to put your own customized RSS Feed icon. Subscribe here or click on the icon on top right side for the updates. Feel free to criticise, share and "Like" the page.


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  2. worked great. thank you.

  3. Thankyou for keeping it simple! took a few minutes to read your article and less than a minute to add the icon to my blog!

    1. Hey Kristine, glad that the post helped you. Hope you will find more useful/helpful info from the blog.
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